Conference Paper

Potential probiotics for viral triggered type 2 diabetes

Oweda M.
Tanyous J.N.
Hamed M.
El-Hadidi M.

The scientific literature is full of studies that provide evidence highlighting the role of microbiome in type 2 diabetes (T2D) development and progression, still, discrepancies are evident when studying the link between certain taxonomic groupings and T2D, thus, eliminating the discrepancy between such studies is crucial to build on a robust systematic approach to identify the possible linkage between such taxonomic groups and diabetes development and progression, hence developing a potential treatment. Here we aimed to use a publicly available data set of gut and nares microbiome of prediabetic individuals subjected to viral infections and controls of prediabetic healthy individuals. Analysis was done for taxa differential abundance followed by Taxon set enrichment analysis (TSEA), then, Correlations between each of the differentially abundant bacterium was performed. Our results suggest various microbial communities significantly changed with direct relation to critical diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Type 1 Diabetes and atherosclerosis. The findings are strongly assertive for each other as both nares and gut data were matching and agreeing with the literature, paving the road for potential probiotic therapeutics for T2D. © 2021 IEEE.