Conference Paper

Polarization Encoded Multi-logic Functions with Direct Detection

Saini J.K.
Saharia A.
Ismail T.
Fahim I.S.
Tiwari M.
Singh G.

In this paper, a new scheme for the realization of an optical logic circuit using Mach–Zehnder modulators (MZM) with direct detection has been proposed. Amplitude and phase information of the optical signals have been used for the differentiation of optical signals into four different states that can be represented using two binary inputs, while direct detection has been used for the effective mapping of these states with their respective binary outputs. The realization of seven logic gates, two reversible optical logic gates (Feynman and double Feynman gates) and half adder and half subtractor in a single optical circuit is achieved successfully. High extinction ratios (ERs) up to 50 dB are obtained while keeping the data rate constant at 10 Gbps. © 2020, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.