A New Chaotic Map with Dynamic Analysis and Encryption Application in Internet of Health Things

Tsafack N.
Sankar S.
Abd-El-Atty B.
Kengne J.
C. J.K.
Belazi A.
Mehmood I.
Bashir A.K.
Song O.-Y.
El-Latif A.A.A.

In this paper, we report an effective cryptosystem aimed at securing the transmission of medical images in an Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) environment. This contribution investigates the dynamics of a 2-D trigonometric map designed using some well-known maps: Logistic-sine-cosine maps. Stability analysis reveals that the map has an infinite number of solutions. Lyapunov exponent, bifurcation diagram, and phase portrait are used to demonstrate the complex dynamic of the map. The sequences of the map are utilized to construct a robust cryptosystem. First, three sets of key streams are generated from the newly designed trigonometric map and are used jointly with the image components (R, G, B) for hamming distance calculation. The output distance-vector, corresponding to each component, is then Bit-XORed with each of the key streams. The output is saved for further processing. The decomposed components are again Bit-XORed with key streams to produce an output, which is then fed into the conditional shift algorithm. The Mandelbrot Set is used as the input to the conditional shift algorithm so that the algorithm efficiently applies confusion operation (complete shuffling of pixels). The resultant shuffled vectors are then Bit-XORed (Diffusion) with the saved outputs from the early stage, and eventually, the image vectors are combined to produce the encrypted image. Performance analyses of the proposed cryptosystem indicate high security and can be effectively incorporated in an IoHT framework for secure medical image transmission. © 2013 IEEE.