Conference Paper

Native Mobile Applications UI Code Conversion

El-Kaliouby S.S.
Selim S.
Yousef A.H.

With the widespread use of mobile applications in daily life, it has become crucial for software companies to develop the applications for the most popular platforms like Android and iOS. Using a native development is time consuming and costly. Cross-platform mobile development like Xamarin and React native emerged as a solution to the mentioned problem of native development for the time and cost. Meanwhile it requires the developers to learn a new language. Other tools are converting the mobile apps of specific platform to the corresponding platform, but most of them still lack the mobile application user interface code conversion. In this paper, we present a native mobile application user interface code converter based on trans-compilation approach. Our experiment shows that the proposed trans-compiler user interface code converter has an accuracy of 88.9% when tested using the BLEU evaluation tool on 5 applications. © 2021 IEEE.