Book Chapter

Multiswitching synchronization of commensurate fractional order hyperchaotic systems via active control

Singh S.
Azar A.T.
Vaidyanathan S.
Ouannas A.
Bhat M.A.

In this chapter, the multiswitching synchronization scheme has been investigated for a class of nonidentical fractional order hyperchaotic systems. The multiswitching complete synchronization scheme has been examined such that the state variables of the slave system synchronize with different state variables of the master system. For the synchronization of two nonidentical fractional order hyperchaotic systems suitable controllers have been designed using active control technique. The stability of fractional order chaotic systems has been used to stabilize the error dynamical system. Two switches are considered to illustrate the methodology. Numerical simulation results are performed to demonstrate the validity and feasibility of the applied method. © 2018 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.