Modelling of Crime Record Management System Using Unified Modeling Language

Hisham A.
Ahmed A.
Khaled M.
Abdullatif N.
Kassem S.

Crime records management is a system that helps police keep records of citizens’ complaints files, investigation evidence and processes. In addition, it helps police keep records of the criminals who have been arrested or who are to be arrested. This paper aims to model the Crime Record Management System (CRMS) using various Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams, to demonstrate an explicit visualization of the system. Also, showing the communication among different actors, and the sequence of activities and interactions. The perspective of modeling the CRMS is by covering four stages, which are Counter (Station Diary Constable), Crime Investigation, Prosecution, and Adjudication. It is concluded that applying UML diagrams facilitates understanding and perceiving the processes of recording crime files, as it illustrates detailed activities and interactions. © 2021 International Information and Engineering Technology Association. All rights reserved.