Modelling of agent-based vehicle routing problem using unified modelling language

Abdullatif N.
Kassem S.

The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is among the most studied optimization problems in the field of supply chain management. Typically, VRP requires dispatching a fleet of vehicles from a central depot to deliver demand to pre-determined spatially dispersed customers, with the objective of minimizing the total routing cost, and the constraint of not exceeding vehicles' capacities. Agent Based Modelling (ABM) assists industries in the use of technology to support their decision-making process. This paper proposes a model of an Agent Based Vehicle Routing Problem System. The system under study is modelled using the Unified Modelling Language 2.0 (UML 2.0). The aim of the proposed model is to exploit the clear visualization provided by UML and the detailed view of the Agent-based modelling, in order to propose a new modeling perspective for the classic VRP. The paper covers the System initiation phase, in addition to, the functional, behavioral, and structural models. © 2020 Lavoisier. All rights reserved.