Conference Paper

Modeling Collaborative AI for Dynamic Systems of Blockchain-ed Autonomous Agents

Shehata H.A.
El-Helw M.

Artificial Intelligence has been strongly evolving disrupting almost every research and application domain. One of the key attributes - and at the same time an enabler - of today's innovations is the massive connectivity resulted in the opportunity to exploit Artificial Intelligence across distributed network of self-contained smart agents those could range from software bots to complex devices like autonomous vehicles, IoT collations, UAVs and Robot Swarms. Such heterogenous networks of Autonomous Agents could differ in size, networking topology, protocols, computing profiles, algorithms, interaction strategy among other attributes thus require different factors to achieve desired combined intelligent goals. While Blockchain technology has been evolving with the birth and swift breakthrough of cryptocurrencies and cryptocontracts, alternate types have emerged to serve as a layer of trust among independent peer-to-peer computing nodes lend itself to be a foundation for distributed systems of edge inference agents. In this paper we discuss adopting a Collaborative AI edge model for dynamic systems of Blockchain-ed Autonomous Agents. © 2021 IEEE.