Conference Paper

Lightweight authentication protocol deployment over FlexRay

Mousa A.R.
NourElDeen P.
Azer M.
Allam M.

In-vehicle network security is becoming a major concern for the automotive industry. Although there is significant research done in this area, there is still a significant gap between research and what is actually applied in practice. Controller area network (CAN) gains the most concern of community but little attention is given to FlexRay. Many signs indicate the approaching end of CAN usage and starting with other promising technologies. FlexRay is considered one of the main players in the near future. We believe that migration era is near enough to change our mindset in order to supply industry with complete and mature security proposals with FlexRay. This changing mindset is important to fix the lagging issue appeared in CAN between research and industry. Then, we provide a complete migration of CAN authentication protocol towards FlexRay shows the availability of the protocol over different technologies. © 2016 ACM.