Conference Paper

IoT Systems Internal Mapping using RTT with the integration of Blockchain technology

Magdy N.
Barakat M.
Mokhtar B.

The degree to which innovators adopt Blockchain as a tool to create relevant and useful business solutions will determine how fast and far the platform moves into our daily lives. There are limitless opportunities for technology to define and shape future innovation. In a world dominated by digital technology, IoT plays a prominent role in our lives. It has created an ecosystem that links many systems to give smart performances in every task. The proliferation of the IoT has created a new evolution of cell phones, home and other embedded applications that are all connected to the internet. They have impeccably integrated human communication in ways we never expected before. Integrating blockchain and IOT will provide innovative technology. This integration will provide trustless, more secure, and more reliable IoT systems. The applications of this integration will be limitless. In this research, we will apply this concept in a simple game application. Bluetooth technology will be used to calculate the object's positions by using RTT and other data from mobile sensors and apply them in kinematics equations. This application allows building a map of objects positions relative to each other. Blockchain will be used to save this data and assure its accuracy and correctness. The Game application will be a simple proof of the concept, but its future application will be limitless. © 2019 IEEE.