Conference Paper

Image encryption in the fractional-order domain

Radwan A.G.
Abd-El-Hafiz S.K.
Abdelhaleem S.H.

This paper presents a new image encryption scheme based on the fractional-order Lorenz system which gives more degrees of freedom in key generation. In the modified fractional-order system, the key length is doubled using the three fractional-orde r parameters beside the three initial conditions, which makes it invulnerable to brute-force attacks. In addition, using a very simple algorithm, based on pixel confusion only, strongly encrypted images are produced. Such an algorithm can be used in real time applications. To evaluate the algorithm and analyze the encryption results, a standard image is used. A comparison of the colored correlation coefficients (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) for different cases with respect to a fractional-order parameter and another system parameter are introduced. Moreover, the encrypted image shows high sensitivity to the fractional-order key, which appears from the wrong decryption with 0.1% change of the fractional-order parameter. © 2012 IEEE.