Conference Paper

Generation of the chaotic keys on the fly for AES encryption system

Mohamed H.A.
Madian A.H.
Abdel-Hafez A.A.
Anis W.

This paper proposes a safe and effective method to generate the subkeys that are used in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm for data encryption applications. The suggested method relies upon the Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) that is created from the improved Lorenz chaotic system. The output of PRNG is exploited as a key schedule for generating AES subkeys where the output is characterized by having an infinite periodic length. This method can be used in high-speed applications since no hardware multipliers are utilized so it gives the best hardware performance. Simulation and Synthesis of the suggested method are done by using the ISE 14.7 and analyzed by MATLAB and the NIST mathematical suite that was included, this method only made use of 4% from the Virtex 5 FPGA kit's slices and operating frequency reached a maximum of 242MHz. © 2021 IEEE.