Generalized two-port network based fractional order filters

Khalil N.A.
Said L.A.
Radwan A.G.
Soliman A.M.

This paper proposes a general prototype fractional order filter based on a two-port network concept with four external impedances. Three induced classifications from the general prototype are extracted with one, two and three external impedances, achieving ten possible generalized topologies. The external impedances are fractional-order elements and resistors. There are forty-six filters divided into twenty-two and twenty-four different general fractional filters of order “α” and order “α + β”, respectively. The general transfer functions, the necessary network conditions, and the critical frequencies are presented for each topology in terms of the transmission matrix parameters of a general two-port network and the fractional order parameters. These aspects add extra degrees of freedom, which increase the design flexibility and controllability; it is up to the designer to select any network suitable for his application. Six special cases of two-port networks based on the second generation current conveyor (CCII) active building block are synthesized to realize the proposed topologies. CCII family has four members that yield twenty-four different transmission matrices, resulting 480 filters. Due to the large number of the introduced filters, selected cases are investigated in detail to validate the theoretical findings through numerical simulations, Spice simulations, and experimental results. © 2019 Elsevier GmbH