Conference Paper

Generalized Formula for Generating N-Scroll Chaotic Attractors

Atiya A.N.
Hassan H.E.-D.S.
Ibrahim K.E.
Elghandour O.M.
Tolba M.F.

The generation of Multi-scroll chaotic attractors and chaos theory has gained much attention due to its many usages in a wide range of applications such as image-encryption and random number generators. There have been many previous attempts to establish a system that is able to generate large numbers of n - scroll chaotic attractors by modifying existing systems such as Lorenz and Chua's systems. In this paper, a proposed system based on generalizing Chua's system that has shown its ability to produce an unprecedentedly large number of even and odd chaotic scrolls is introduced. MATLAB simulation is carried out to validate the proposed system and a GUI tool was developed to ease the process of generating any number of chaotic scrolls. Finally, an insight on how the proposed system can be generalized on the circuits level is given. © 2020 IEEE.