Generalized analysis of symmetric and asymmetric memristive two-gate relaxation oscillators

Fouda M.E.
Khatib M.A.
Mosad A.G.
Radwan A.G.

Memristive oscillators are a novel topic in nonlinear circuit theory, where the behavior of the reactive elements is emulated by the memristor. This paper presents symmetric and asymmetric memristive two-gate relaxation oscillators. First, the analysis of the two series memristors is introduced to study the effect of changing their polarities, as well as the mobility factor to be used in the two-gate relaxation oscillator instead of the RC circuit. The generalized analysis for the proposed memristive two-gate oscillator is introduced, where the generalized expressions for the oscillation frequency and conditions for oscillation are derived then four special cases for different mismatching of the memristors are introduced; showing a perfect matching with the PSPICE simulations. Finally, the discussion and comparison are proposed to discuss the four special cases and MATLAB simulations are also provided to study the effect of the memristance and the mobility ratio between the memristors on the oscillation frequency. © 2013 IEEE.