Conference Paper

Generalized α+β-order Filter Based on Single CCII

Ghoneim M.S.
Khalil N.A.
Said L.A.
Madian A.H.
Radwan A.G.

Different generalized filters topologies are proposed in the fractional-order domain. Three voltage-mode topologies and one current-mode topology are used to realize several types of fractional-order filters by applying different admittances combinations. The proposed topologies are designed using a single second-generation current conveyor (CCII-) and two fractional-order capacitors, which add more degrees of freedom for the design. The generalized Fractional Transfer Function (FTF) for each proposed topology is investigated where the fractional-order low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, and notch filters with α+β)-order are realized. The Numerical results are provided where the stability analysis is presented for different cases. Also, the PSPICE simulations are presented to prove the theoretical findings of selected cases. © 2020 IEEE.