Conference Paper

General Trans-Compiler based Mobile Applications Converter

Shaban N.M.
Yousef A.H.
Mohamed H.K.

Deployment on different platforms has been a great issue for mobile companies that aim to maximize the return on investments by making their mobile applications available on different mobile platforms. Consequently, the app may be developed several times to match different platforms. Therefore, there is a need to have solutions that enable the developers to develop the app once, and run it everywhere to reduce the cost of development and reach out to maximum users across several platforms. In this paper a tool is provided with the most popular languages /frameworks (native, cross platform) based on their market share to select the desired framework among them to code with, get the developed application written in the target language that meets their business requirements, and give the ability to convert native application to cross platform one. A trans-compiler based solution is introduced to convert the UI and UI-related backend code of application from a set of languages to any other language in the set and ability of adding more languages and frameworks in the future to achieve the concept of generalization of code conversion. © 2021 IEEE.