Conference Paper

Fractional-order mihalas-niebur neuron model implementation using current-mirrors

Bertsias P.
Psychalinos C.
Elwakil A.S.

A simple realization of the fractional-order Mihalas-Niebur neuron model is presented in this work. The required low-pass filter is implemented using current-mirrors offering simple circuitry and, also, electronic tunability of the realized time-constant. Due to the limited bandwidth required for this application, the necessary fractional-order capacitor is realized using an appropriately configured second-order RC network. The proposed realization highlights the connection between the fractional-order and the frequency spiking of the model through appropriate simulation results, which are derived via the Analog Design Environment of Cadence software, using MOS transistor models provided by the AMS 0.35 μm process. © 2019 IEEE.