Fractional inverse generalized chaos synchronization between different dimensional systems

Ouannas A.
Azar A.T.
Ziar T.
Vaidyanathan S.

In this chapter, new control schemes to achieve inverse generalized synchronization (IGS) between fractional order chaotic (hyperchaotic) systems with different dimensions are presented. Specifically, given a fractional master system with dimension n and a fractional slave system with dimension m, the proposed approach enables each master system state to be synchronized with a functional relationship of slave system states. The method, based on the fractional Lyapunov approach and stability property of integer-order linear differential systems, presents some useful features: (i) it enables synchronization to be achieved for both cases n < m and n > m; (ii) it is rigorous, being based on theorems; (iii) it can be readily applied to any chaotic (hyperchaotic) fractional systems. Finally, the capability of the approach is illustrated by synchronization examples. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.