Conference Paper

On Flashing over the Air 'FOTA' for IoT Appliances - An ATMEL Prototype

Badawy W.
Ahmed A.
Sharf S.
Elhamied R.A.
Mekky M.
Elhamied M.A.

Wireless flashing over the air is a challenging task. Appliances are required to update its flash or EEPROM via a remote system update. However, direct connectivity via a wire is not available. Within the application of consumer electronics, such as utility meters or other appliances, there is always a room to update the appliance remotely for optimal operation. In this paper, we present a new system for remotely flashing all models of ATMEL AVR microcontrollers via Wi-Fi and LoRa technologies. Also, we will demonstrate an experimental work to prove our new methodology as well as applying it in industrial scenarios. © 2020 IEEE.