Conference Paper

Enabling cloud business by QoS roadmap

Hussein S.

Day after day, global economy becomes tougher. It is a fact in which Cloud Computing business gets impacted the most. When it comes to cost, Cloud Computing is the most attractive paradigm for IT solutions. It is because Cloud Computing relaxes cost constraints. This relaxing enables Cloud Customers to operate their business through Cloud Computing under such economic pressure. On the other side, Cloud Computing solutions should deliver IT services at the agreed and acceptable Quality of Service levels. This moves the economic challenges from Cloud Customer premises to Cloud Provider premises. Accordingly, Cloud Providers are in dire need to deliver high quality levels using less resources and IT equipment. Therefore, Cloud Provider management and decision makers need to optimize their Cloud resources. This can be achieved by paying their great attention to critical resources. Listing and extracting these critical resources is the new challenge which takes place. Thus, our contribution allows Cloud Provider management and decision makers to focus on certain resources to guarantee the needed quality levels of delivery. Our proposed roadmap lists Cloud elements in certain order, each according to its importance and priority. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.