Conference Paper

Effect of boundary on controlled memristor-based oscillator

Fouda M.E.
Radwan A.G.
Salama K.N.

Recently, the applications of memristors have spread into many fields and especially in the circuit theory. Many models have been proposed for the HP-memristor based on the window functions. In this paper, we introduce a complete mathematical analysis of the controlled reactance-less oscillator for two different window functions of Joglekar's model (linear and nonlinear dopant drift) to discuss the effect of changing the window function on the oscillator's behavior. The generalized necessary and sufficient conditions based on the circuit elements and control voltages for both the linear and nonlinear models are introduced. Moreover, closed form expressions for the oscillation frequency and duty cycle are derived for these models and verified using PSPICE simulations showing an excellent matching. Finally a comparison between the linear and nonlinear models which shows their effect on the oscillation frequency and conditions of oscillation is introduced. © 2012 IEEE.