DS2B: Dynamic and Secure Substitution Box for Efficient Speech Encryption Engine

Tolba M.F.
Saleh H.
Salami Y.A.
Al-Qutayri M.
Mohammad B.

This paper proposes an efficient encryption technique based on Dynamic and Secure Substitution Box (DS2B) design suitable for IoT and resource-constrained platforms. The DS2B has the advantages of simple structure and good encryption performance. A different number of strong S-boxes could be generated with minor variations in the DS2B parameters. Performance analyses of the DS2B, including differential/linear cryptanalysis, bijective, nonlinearity, strict avalanche criterion (SAC), and bit independence criterion (BIC) have been presented where high nonlinearity , and low differential uniformity are achieved. Besides, a comparison with recent S-boxes is introduced which shows the robustness of the DS2B. To verify the DS2B, a speech encryption engine was realized on FPGA. Various security analyses were evaluated including the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) statistical test suite, number of samples changes rate NSCR, mean square error (MSE), correlation, histogram, and spectrogram. In this work, the silence periods are encrypted in a way that makes them much harder to detect using the DS2B. The proposed encryption scheme achieved a throughput of 9.87 G bit/s, which is higher than previous work. A Xilinx Nexys 4 FPGA evaluation board was used for implementing and verifying the design. © 2013 IEEE.