Conference Paper

Design and implementation of robust firefighting/intruder detection system using fuzzy logic decision control (FIDFUZ)

Azer M.A.
Elshafee A.

This research focuses on using quantifiable methods for using the IoT as a main support to firefighting/intruder detection. From our research, we have found numerous researches associated to supplying remote services by means of portable sensors and communication technologies. We represent in our research a unique Smart Firefighting/lntruder Detection System with the support of Fuzzy Logic Decision Control (FIDFUZ). The projected system has an innovative value which is the Fuzzy Logic Decision Support System application that deals with the predicted inaccuracy and the doubt in the sensor's information acquired, as well as minimizing the rate of false positive and true negative. FIDFUZ full architecture is presented, applied and checked by simulation and using real data. © 2019 IEEE.