Design and FPGA Verification of Custom-Shaped Chaotic Attractors Using Rotation, Offset Boosting and Amplitude Control

Sayed W.S.
Roshdy M.
Said L.A.
Radwan A.G.

This brief proposes a method of generating custom-shaped attractors, which depends on a planarly rotating V-shape multi-scroll chaotic system with offset boosting and amplitude control, and its FPGA verification. The proposed planarly rotating, translational (offset boostable), and scalable (amplitude controllable) system exhibits a wide basin of attraction and can cover the whole space. Consequently, non-autonomous parameters enable generating attractors of custom-shapes, e.g., letters of the English alphabet as a demonstrating example. Furthermore, non-autonomous parameters are employed to generate attractors with the shape of complete words and sentences. This takes place by generating letter shapes successively and controlling the position and size of each letter. The chaotic behavior is quantified and indicated using spectral entropy. Experimental verification on FPGA shows good hardware resources utilization and throughput. © 2004-2012 IEEE.