Design and analysis of DC electrical voltage-current data logger device implemented on wind turbine control system

Murti S.
Megantoro P.
De Brito Silva G.
Maseleno A.

DC electrical voltage-current measuring instrument and data are an instrument used to measure the current and voltage generated by wind turbines and record the measurement results. The function of this instrument is to activate the dummy load on the wind turbine control system to reduce the voltage that exceeds the safe limit when saving electrical energy. The research aimed to manufacture and analyze DC electrical voltage - current measuring instrument using the Arduino Uno based data logger, capable of measuring the DC and voltage generated by Hybrid Power Plants (PLTH) and use the metrology method to analyze the degree of uncertainty of the measuring instrument. In this research, the heuristic method was used to determine the characteristics of the sensor. Sensor characterization was followed by calibration of a measurement instrument to determine the values of the uncertainty of the measurement instrument. The results of this research indicated that the characteristics of voltage sensor (CR5310-300) obtained linear regression equation y=0.29253x + 0.662, while the current sensor characteristics (WCS1800) y=0.072978x - 37.2408. After the characterization procedure, the measuring instrument was calibrated using a traced clamp meter. The calibration results indicated that the accuracy of the voltage sensor was 99.99%. The uncertainty of the current measuring instrument was 0.316 amperes, at the standard current 0 - 9 amperes, and 0.317 amperes, at the standard current of 9.7 amperes with an accuracy of 99.98%. Based on the research results, the current and voltage measuring instrument maintain a good accuracy level. © 2020 Department of Agribusiness, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. All Rights Reserved.