Conference Paper

Current-Mode Multiplier Accumulator Design using a Memristor-Transistor Crossbar Architecture

Mohammaden A.
Ghoneim M.
Hesham R.
Soltan A.

This paper discusses the implementation of a Multiplier Accumulator (MAC) design using memristor and crossbar architecture. MAC consists of an array of memristors alongside transistors making a cell that works as a switch (i.e., turned ON or OFF). When a cell is selected, it adds the current in the array path, followed by a current mirror circuit amplified to determine the accumulated current. A traditional MAC is also implemented to compare it with the proposed MAC. The proposed MAC consumed power of 3.9μW, while the traditional MAC consumed power of 19μW. The delay of the proposed MAC is 1.067ns while that of the traditional MAC is 4.627ns. A comparative study between the proposed and traditional MAC with other works shows our design gives better results in delay and power with a very significant difference. © 2021 IEEE.