Conference Paper

Consistency Analysis of Madd rules in the Holy Quran

Mohammad K.A.
Kandil A.H.
El-Bialy A.M.
Ali Fawzi S.

A consistency analysis is performed for one of the famous Tajweed rules in the Holy Quran - Madd rules. They are tested on records of one of the famous reference reciters - Sheikh El-Hosary-to find a consistent boundaries and to evaluate the performance of other new learners. A vowel detection algorithm is used to detect the duration of the detected Madd patterns. This algorithm was applied on a dataset of 105 minutes of Quranic records of Sheikh El-Hosary. The consistency result is found to be normally distributed with a mean of 0.379 second of one movement time of Madd and standard deviation of 0.058 second and minimum consistency of 84.6% for 68% of the detected Madd patterns. © 2021 IEEE.