Conference Paper

Conditions and Emulation of Double Pinch-off Points in Fractional-order Memristor

Hamed E.M.
Fouda M.E.
Radwan A.G.

Recently, double pinch-off points have been discovered in some memristive devices where the I-V hysteresis curve intersects in two points generating triple lobes. This paper investigates a fractional-order flux-controlled mathematical model which is able to develop the multiple pinch-off points or multiple lobes. The conditions for observing double pinch-off points (triple lobes) are derived in addition to the locations of the pinch-off points which do not appear in the integer domain. Also, expressions for maximum and minimum conductance are derived. Finally, a floating fractional flux-controlled memristor emulator circuit to generate the triple lobes is introduced and discussed. The PSICE results and the mathematical model results are matched. © 2018 IEEE.