Conference Paper

CFOA-Based fractional order simulated inductor

Khattab K.H.
Madian A.H.
Radwan A.G.

In this paper, a generalized fractional-order form of the simulated inductor using a single current feedback operational amplifier (CFOA) and a fractional-order capacitor is introduced. Analytical expression of the equivalent fractionalorder inductor versus the circuit elements is achieved. Moreover, the effect of the parasitic impedance and the non-idealities of the CFOA are investigated analytically with numerical simulations and circuit equivalent. Circuit simulations are discussed using AD844 spice model to validate the theoretical study of the fractional-order inductor. Simulations show an extra degree of freedom in selecting the impedance value and the phase shift compared to the conventional realization. As an application, a fractional order low pass filter is simulated to verify the performance of the proposed circuit. © 2016 IEEE.