Conference Paper

AROMA: Automatic generation of radio maps for localization systems

Eleryan A.
Elsabagh M.
Youssef M.

Current methods for building radio maps for wireless localization systems require a tedious, manual and error-prone calibration of the area of interest. Each time the layout of the environment is changed or different hardware is used, the whole process of location fingerprinting and constructing the radio map has to be repeated. The process gets more complicated in the case of localizing multiple entities in a device-free scenario, since the radio map needs to take all possible combinations of the location of the entities into account. In this demo, we present a novel system (AROMA) that is capable of generating accurate radio maps for a given site of interest. AROMA constructs radio maps for both deterministic and probabilistic wireless localization systems. According to our knowledge, AROMA is the first system to generate radio maps for device-free localization. It uses 3D ray tracing enhanced with the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) to model the electric field behavior and the human shadowing effect. AROMA also automates a number of routine tasks, such as importing building models and automatic sampling of the area of interest. © 2011 Authors.