3D surface reconstruction of retinal vascular structures

Malek J.
Azar A.T.

We propose in this paper, a three-dimensional surface reconstruction of a retinal vascular network from a pair of 2D retinal images. Our approach attempts to address the above challenges by incorporating an epipolar geometry estimation and adaptive surface modelling in a 3D reconstruction, using three steps: segmentation, 3D skeleton reconstruction and 3D surface modelling of vascular structures. The intrinsic calibration matrices are found via the solution of simplified Kruppa equations. A simple essential matrix based on a self-calibration method has been used for the 'fundus camera-eye' system. The used method has eventually produced vessel surfaces that could be fit for various applications, such as applications for computational fluid dynamics simulations and applications for real-time virtual interventional. Copyright © 2016 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.