Conference Paper

2T2M memristor-based memory cell for higher stability RRAM modules

Shaarawy N.
Ghoneima M.
Radwan A.G.

This paper introduces a novel 2T2M memristor based memory cell which, offers higher stability and noise margins than previous works. The proposed 2T2M RRAM module is similar to conventional 6T SRAM module in terms of delay and number of interface pins. However, the predicted area of the proposed 2T2M RRAM cell is significantly lower compared to the CMOS based 6T SRAM cell, and is also expected to consume lower energy. The nonvolatile characteristics of the cell make it more attractive for nonvolatile random access memory design. Write, read and repeated read operations of the proposed 2T2M RRAM cell are briefly explained. A complete RRAM module array based on the proposed 2T2M cell is designed, and the schematic details of the IO circuit is shown. A comparison between the proposed 2T2M cell and previous works is presented. © 2015 IEEE.