Conference Paper

A 26.24uW 9.26-ENOB Dynamic RAM Based SAR ADC for Biomedical Applications

Ibrahim O.
Hesham R.
Soltan A.

This work introduces a new successive approximation register circuit (SAR) for SAR analog to digital converter (ADC) based on Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) cells. Based on the proposed DRAM based SAR ADC and a differential capacitive DAC, a 10-bit 2V ADC is designed in 0.18um CMOS technology. The proposed SAR is compared to traditional SAR to verify that the proposed SAR decreases the power of SAR ADC for biomedical applications. The power consumption for the proposed SAR ADC is found to be 26.24uW with ENOB equal to 9.26, and the maximum sampling frequency is 1MHz. For the traditional SAR ADC the power consumption is 43.56uW and ENOB is 9.3. © 2020 IEEE.