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Reham Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ahmed

Former Research Assistant

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Reham is a machine learning researcher at Nile University. She's passionate about all Artificial Intelligence tracks. Graduated from the electronics and electrical communications engineering Department, Cairo University. Currently, she is a master's candidate at the faculty of engineering, at Cairo University. She managed to gain significant experience in both deep learning and real-time applications through my research journey. She enjoys being a programmer with a passion for problem-solving, with experience in c/c++, and python programming language.

Recent Publications

UAV Tracking System Using Integrated Sensor Fusion with RTK-GPS

Tracking Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is a significant surge in commercial or recreational use. The proposed tracking system is involved in determining the position and attitude angles of the UAVs in real-time. Data fusion of multiple sensors is one of the technologies used most in recent years and is based on real-time estimation of UAV's both position and attitude angles with high precision

Software and Communications
Research Tracks
  • Communication Systems
  • Deep Learning in Real-Time Applications
  • Multiple Objects Detection and Tracking