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Eng. Ahmed graduated from Mansoura university (2008), Faculty of engineering, electronics, and communication major. He joined Nile University in 2008 as a junior researcher. He earned his master's degree in 2017 from Nile University, in the field of fruit growth monitoring hardware implementation. He is currently working at Nile University as an Assistant Professor of Practice in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; he is also the founder and director of Nile University's Innovation Hub.


Eng. Abu Bakr was has won Nile University's Innovation Award in 2017. 

Recent Publications

Banana ripening and corresponding variations in bio-impedance and glucose levels

This paper studies banana fruit ripping using the Cole-impedance model fitted over the measured bio-impedance data by monitoring the changes in the model parameters during the different ripping stages. A set of twenty bananas are tested for 84 hours, and impedance measurements are done every 12 hours using an SP150 electrochemical station. The changes in model parameters are related to the

Circuit Theory and Applications
Agriculture and Crops

Heating and Freezing Injury to Plant Tissues and Their Effect on Bioimpedance: Experimental Study

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) has been used as a technique for the assessment of food attributes. This paper discusses the effect of injuries caused by heating and freezing treatments to plant's bioimpedance. Unlike other studies to these kinds of injuries, experiments are carried out on the whole fruit using non-invasive electrodes keeping the plant tissues unharmed. Moreover, one

Circuit Theory and Applications

Simple MOS transistor-based realization of fractional-order capacitors

A new second-order MOS transistor based circuit block approximating the behavior of a fractional-order capacitor is proposed. The circuit is modular and therefore the order of the approximation can be increased by more stages of the same circuit in cascade or in parallel. Simulation results using a TSMC 65nm CMOS technology are provided and show less than 2o of phase error in two decades around

Circuit Theory and Applications

Toward Portable Bio-impedance devices

Bio-impedance measurement has been used as an indicator for specific physical and chemical changes in food products, fruits and vegetables, cancer detection and other applications. In this paper, a portable wireless bio-impedance measurement embedded system, based on the AD5933 chip, is introduced. The system is calibrated using a parallel RC network and the industry standard electrochemical

Circuit Theory and Applications

IoT ethics challenges and legal issues

IoT systems have different technologies such as: RIFD, NFC, 3G, 4G, and Sensors. Their function is to transfer very large sensitive and private data. There are many ethical challenges that need to be taken into consideration by individuals and companies that use this technology. Amongst the challenges is the user awareness of attack risks. This paper discusses different ethical and legal

Artificial Intelligence
Circuit Theory and Applications
Software and Communications

Experimental comparison of integer/fractional-order electrical models of plant

In this paper, different integer and fractional-order models are studied from electrical point of view, these models are used to fit the measured impedance data for different types of fruits and vegetables. Experimental work is done on eight different models for six types of fruits to verify the best fitting model. Electric impedance is measured in the range of frequencies (200 mHz–200 Khz) using
Circuit Theory and Applications
Agriculture and Crops

Biological inspired optimization algorithms for cole-impedance parameters identification

This paper introduces new meta-heuristic optimization algorithms for extracting the parameters of the Cole-impedance model. It is one of the most important models providing best fitting with the measured data. The proposed algorithms inspired by nature are known as Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) and Moth-Flame Optimizer (MFO). The algorithms are tested over sets of both simulated and

Circuit Theory and Applications

Aging effect on apples bio-impedance using AD5933

In this paper, the effect of the fruits aging on bio-impedance is experimentally studied. Bio-impedance analysis, as accurate and fast method is used to investigate and monitor group of apples properties during aging. This method provides an alternative method for investigating apples physical properties that are highly related to chemical properties. AD5933 impedance analyzer chip within the

Circuit Theory and Applications
Software and Communications
Research Tracks
  • Bio-Impedance
  • Tissue Modelling
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
Research Project

Development and Manufacturing of Soft Actuated Under Water Robotics

Objective/Contributions: Surveying research papers about transferring hard robot characteristics to soft one. Use additive manufacturing techniques to minimize the assembly process of the ROV actuator. Work on soft control and soft sensing system and study its ability to be used in soft robotics. Discuss biomimicking ROV. Create a hub for soft robotics at Nile University for participating in Egypt
Research Project

Academic System Resource Planning: A Fully-Automated Smart Campus/ASRP

Objectives: The project aims at creating a smart automated academic and administrative university environment infiltrating the global perspective of Education Quality and best practices for University Management and Academic System Resource Planning within the HE system in EG through the design and development of a smart digital platform for monitoring, analysis and closed-loop feedback control of