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Dr. Mohamad Maged received his BPharm with honours from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University in 2007. He Joined the American University in Cairo (AUC) where he earned his MSc. degree in Biotechnology in 2011. At AUC, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) on the marine metagenomics project funded by KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology). His work focused on the identification and characterization of novel enzymes involved in biofuel production. He received KAUST and Youssef Jameel fellowships to conduct his doctoral thesis. In 2017, he earned his PhD degree in Biotechnology, from the School of Sciences and Engineering, the American University in Cairo. His work focused on isolation and engineering of novel mercuric reductases from the Red Sea hydrothermal systems and brine pools. He published several manuscripts in reputable high-impact Journals. He also participated in several international conferences. In 2017 and until 2021, he worked as a Lecturer, School of Biotechnology, MSA University. There, he was engaged in active teaching of Biochemical Engineering, Biosafety, Molecular Genetics, Sports nutrition and Cell Biology. Moreover, he was responsible for the internal supervision of numerous undergraduate students' research projects. Besides, he led the ABET accreditation efforts. Dr. Mohamad is skilled in both synchronous and asynchronous active teaching and hybrid learning styles. He preferentially adopts the research-based learning approach. From 2021 and until 2023, Dr. Mohamad served as a Biology and Biochemistry Assistant Professor at University of Hertfordshire, New Administrative Capital. He was the module lead of Pharmacotherapeutics II and Biology I.

At Nile University, Dr. Mohamad is dedicated to the excellence of teaching and learning of his students. His research scope is wide, and he is currently working on several projects, ranging from environmental biotechnology and microbial community profiling to assessment of the potential anticancer effects of green-synthesized nanoparticles.


publication: L. A. Samad, M. Maged, K. Garo, B. Riad and M. Elhadidi, "The Melody of Silent Mutations: Microbiome Adaptation Across the Subduction Zone," 2023 5th Novel Intelligent and Leading Emerging Sciences Conference (NILES), Giza, Egypt, 2023, pp. 121-125, doi: 10.1109/NILES59815.2023.10296728.

  • Supervision of environmental biotechnology graduation projects 
  • Representing the school of biotechnology at the periodic open-house events (if this qualifies)
Recent Publications

Comparative 16S Metabarcoding of Nile Tilapia Gut Microbiota from the Northern Lakes of Egypt

Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, is the principal fish bred in Egypt. A pilot study was designed to analyze the bacterial composition of the Nile tilapia fish guts from two saltwater lakes in Northern Egypt. Fish samples were obtained from two Delta lakes: Manzala (ML) and Borollus (BL). DNA was extracted, and the bacterial communities in the stomach content were classified (down to the


Reviewing and suggesting adjustments to the graduation project: Proposal, thesis, marking scheme, presentation, forms and guidelines

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Environmental Biotechnology