Establishment of the Center for Economics and Business Studies (CEBS)

Egypt Vision 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) called for a transformation of the Egyptian economy towards a diversified knowledge-based that contributes to equitable and socially inclusive advancement of the welfare of all Egyptians.
The comprehensive transformation foreseen by a strategy along social, economic, and environmental dimensions will require that all leading academic institutions such as Nile University mobilize its leading academic and professional expertise and resources towards achieving it.
The Nile University Business School (NUBS)stands uniquely at the intersection of cutting-edge knowledge in business, development, and innovation. More importantly, NUBS faculty of over 15 full time professors bring a wide and rigorous array of scientific knowledge, research agendas and projects, and professional expertise. This unique position and robust academic infrastructure allow it to become a leading knowledge and expertise house in service of the policies, programs, and initiatives of the SDS.