The Student Union (SU) is a group of students selected according to a specific criterion. The SU consists of 15 students - including the President, VP, the Secretary, etc. - that make up the activity in the Union. The SU represents, serves, connects, and develops diverse student bodies through instigating and organizing different academic and social programs and events.


Choosing People according to SU Criteria

  • Honest, trustworthy, understands our bylaws very well, has good English, understands the democratic process, and can moderate formal and informal meetings.
  • Full-time undergraduate student at Nile University.
  • Preferable to be a junior student.
  • There is no record of any unethical practices throughout his/her academic years.

Purpose of the Union:


  1. Represent all the students registered at Nile University.
  2. Be an independent free union that is not governed or controlled by Nile University’s Administration, Staff, Faculty, or Board of Trustees.
  3. Provide a framework where students can communicate, exchange information and share experiences, skills and ideas.
  4. Unite students in order to achieve educational, administrative and legislative progress where decision-making that affects students directly or indirectly exists.
  5. Facilitate cooperation among the student body in order to organize services that provide a learning experience provide for human needs, and develop a sense of community with our peers and members of the Egyptian society.
  6. To voice the desires and needs of the students of the university.
  7. Achieve the goal of high-quality post-secondary education and this educational system is to recognize the legitimacy of student representation and the validity of students’ rights, and the role of this representation is recognized and appreciated by society.
  8. Strive to build an environment free of societal oppression where equality and justice reign.
  9. Safeguard, protect and defend the rights of all the students of the university regardless of ethnicity, color, creed, gender, nationality, place of origin, personal or political beliefs, marital status, citizenship and mental or physical abilities.
  10. Do all the activities that directly or indirectly help the union achieve its purpose.
  11. Help promote the intellectual growth and moral awareness of students.
  12. Provide a means of communication within the student body of Nile University, with other members of Nile University, with other universities and with the general public.
  13. Participate in meetings and discussions with the government regarding issues that concern and affect the Students of Nile University and students throughout Egypt.
  14. Actively participate in the Egyptian Student Union and the Students’ Union of Private Universities in order to achieve the purpose of this Union.
  15. Communicate with and support other Student Unions at the different universities in order to be able to connect with other students and break the boundaries separating the to ultimately be able to protect the interests of all the students.
  16. To encourage student volunteerism and social action among the student body Nile University.


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SU Contact Information

  • If you are interested in  Student Union Club , you can contact us on our facebook page :  Student Union

  • You can contact SU organization through Email :

Student Union Activities