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Speaking of English is a student activity at NU that aims to empower individuals to develop communication skills in spoken English by helping them express their ideas and thoughts confidently in public with fluency.

Its mission is to cultivate an enriching and encouraging learning environment where members are empowered to enhance their communication and leadership abilities. Through our programs, it aims to foster self-confidence, personal growth, and the acquisition of valuable skills. It also strives to provide a supportive platform that enables individuals to excel in their personal and professional pursuits, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfillment. 

Salma Moustafa, a computer engineering graduate who completed her studies in February 2023, is the founder of the English Club. With a passion for language and communication, Salma envisioned a space where individuals could come together to improve their English-speaking skills and create a supportive community.u

Recognizing the importance of fluency in English for personal and professional growth, she set out to establish the English Club. Through her leadership, the club became a thriving hub where members actively engaged in conversations, practiced pronunciation, and shared helpful resources.

Salma's computer engineering background provided her with the skills to effectively organize online meetings, language exchange programs, and interactive language learning activities. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment has encouraged members to overcome language barriers and gain confidence in their English proficiency.

Salma Moustafa's visionary spirit and commitment to promoting language learning have positively impacted the lives of many club members, creating a community of English speakers who uplift and assist one another in their language journey. Abdallah Adly, the co-founder of the Speaking of English Club, played a crucial role in supporting Salma Moustafa's vision and bringing it to life. With his constant support and excitement, Abdallah helped turn the idea into a thriving community. Abdallah's unwavering encouragement and belief in the club's mission were instrumental in its success.

Together, they fostered an inclusive atmosphere where members engage in conversations, practice pronunciation, and share resources. Salma's expertise in computer engineering and Abdallah's support have transformed the Speaking of English Club into a valuable resource for language learning and personal growth.

The English Club orchestrated two impactful public speaking events, leaving a lasting impression on participants and attendees alike. The first event, held in honor of Mother's Day, featured the heartfelt speeches of 10 individuals who eloquently expressed their appreciation and admiration for their mothers. Building on this success, the club organized a second event with the theme "New Year, New Me."

Due to its popularity, the club limited participation to 18 individuals to ensure a concise and engaging event. However, as the years progress, the club aspires to include an increasing number of students, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their English language skills and personal growth through public speaking.

Esteemed judges from Nile University's English department played a pivotal role in these events, offering constructive feedback that further motivated participants to refine their speaking abilities. The judges were genuinely impressed by the students' proficiency in English and the evident progress they had made.

These successful events demonstrate the English Club's dedication to nurturing effective communication skills and its commitment to expanding opportunities for student participation in the years to come.

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