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Pixels is a media club at Nile University. It aims to help all the students who are interested in the multimedia field to learn, create, and inspire.

Pixels’ mission is to provide high-quality training and hands-on experiences in graphic design, film making, and photography to students. The organization is committed to offering comprehensive sessions and workshops on industry-standard software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Lightroom. By equipping students with these essential tools and knowledge, Pixel aims to cultivate their technical expertise and artistic vision. This initiative will not only benefit the students but also the entire campus, as graduates of Pixel's courses will be well-prepared to contribute to media work for various clubs and campus

There was a time when the university's media community faced a shortage of skilled designers, photographers, and video editors. In response to this challenge, a group of students with substantial experience in multimedia recognized the need to enhance the quality of media production on campus. They initiated a comprehensive series of workshops, intending to impart their knowledge to as many students as possible. Subsequently, these students approached the Student Union (SU) with their concept. The SU was highly impressed by the idea's potential to benefit the entire university community and pledged its support. This collaboration marked the official establishment of pixels, a club with a diverse membership working collectively to unleash the creativity of every individual.

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