Research Project Monitoring (RPMNU): RPMNU's approach to technical education and skill development is unique as it emphasizes a well-rounded approach to learning, which includes both technical and non-technical skills. Through its participation in racing and robotics competitions, RPMNU provides hands-on experience in technical fields, allowing members to develop practical skills that can be applied in real-world settings. At the same time, by focusing on non-technical skills, such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking, RPMNU helps to prepare its members for success in a variety of professional settings.

In addition to its focus on technical and non-technical skill development, RPMNU also places a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. By working together to design and build competitive racing and robotics projects, members of RPMNU develop important skills in project management, communication, and problem-solving, all of which are essential for success in the workplace.

Overall, RPMNU's approach to technical education and skill development provides students with a unique and comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for success both in their academic pursuits and in their future careers. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on both technical and non-technical skill development, RPMNU is a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their technical abilities and build their professional skills.


  •  EVER Egypt Competition

RPM-US won first place in the rally with another 18 cars at 2020 EVER Egypt competition by their DASH car.

Under a limited time, the RPM-US club has partnered with Zamzam company to build a robot to participate in fairs and showcases. Information will be provided soon.

  •  Robotics or Racing Academies

RPM-US has created Robotics and Racing Academies for those interested, excited to learn, and want to join a robotics competition or car systems ERGONOMICS system and the rules of EVER competition.

  •  RPM Participating in EVER IV Competition 

EVER is a competition aiming to increase the capacity of engineers in the Electric Vehicle Industry. The main mission of this competition is to create more interdisciplinary engineering graduates with the needed knowledge, hands-on skills, and experience in designing, manufacturing, and operating electric vehicles. For this season, the competition was held at Sharm Elsheikh with the presence of the minister of higher education and Sinai governor

  •  Dark Macqueen Outing and Drift Show 

On 23rd March 2022, the RPM team held the "Dark McQueen outing and drifting show " event, which was held at Nile University campus, some well-known racers participated in the drift show: Sherif Sakr, Walla Samir, Ramy sold, and captain Sameh abo-el Fadl. The main star of the event was dark McQueen, the team's car participating in EVER IV.