Nutshell is the first scientific magazine established at Nile University. It is a non-governmental magazine that supports NU students who have the potential regarding writing skills and passionate talents needed to fulfill their ambitions.

Nutshell’s mission is to help students learn more about themselves and discover their interests in various fields, in addition to supporting them in developing skills to improve the social, educational, and cultural environment. This will help provide a taste of life on campus and to share all students' ideas in a unique way that expresses their identities in our content creation, which encourages students to think creatively and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Also, to be the first content creation and sharing platform in Nile University that creates its unique content sharing its unique identity. 

Nutshell was founded when a group of colleagues realized a gap while trying to share their ideas and content and did not find a platform to post on. This creative group got very excited about the idea of running this platform by themselves.

Then they talked to their TA, and he supported the idea passionately as he was working on a similar platform at his university when he was a student. There were vacant positions left to announce the new team members, but a quick recruitment process was done by the founders. Finally, the team managed to publish the first issue of Nutshell magazine in parallel with other activities on social media and event management.

Although the first year was a very hard one for the team as they were trying to prove themselves among other student activities, they finally managed to publish the magazine with miscellaneous topics. Also, a new edition of the magazine is published every year with an extraordinary new theme.

One of the important goals of Nutshell is to expand, not only among NU students but also among other universities; the team succeeded in hosting two mega events. The first one, "Interstellar", was to spread awareness about space and how rockets and space shuttle work. The second one, "A Universe of You", was to publish the third magazine in a live event in partnership with the British Council.

Nutshell also takes care of the student life by making many competitions. The first trial was making the League of Legends competition. The second one was a content creation competition inside the "A Universe of You" event.

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