NU Theater

NU Theater

NU Theatre club is an opportunity for students to participate in creative dramatic activities which include performances in front of an audience. Members will be exposed to different aspects of theatre including impromptu skits, monologues, blocking, playwriting, and prop selection and use.  


  •  C’est La Vie Play by Theatre Team

NU Black Theatre Team has performed C'est La Vie in the University's auditorium. The performance was outstanding and spectacular. Applauses to our great actors: Amro Yehia, Hagar Nabil, Sama El Hawary, Mohamed Hussein, Seif Salah, Abdel Rahman Abul Ela, Zakria Mansour, and Hana Harfoush for their spectacular performance.

  •  C'est la vie II 

Nu Black Theater's team exceeded our expectations with their outstanding performance in their Sixth play, "C'est la vie II" based on the play " سجن اختياري."