NU Book Club

NU Book Club

NU Book Club is a place that creates a safe zone for readers to read, discuss, and develop; a place to meet people with similar interests, discuss their interests in books from different perspectives and sharpen their skills in writing and delivering words. They hold informal and relaxed discussions about a theme or idea, and their social activities include catching movie screenings of book adaptations and book swaps.

Whether we are reading books, discussing them, or perhaps both, whatever piques your interest, it is sure that NU Book Club will have a place for you.

The club’s mission is to elevate students' passion for books to a higher level, enabling them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Whether it entails the act of reading, engaging in discussions, or a combination of both, they warmly embrace individuals from all backgrounds. The Book Club guarantees an inclusive environment, accommodating both seasoned literary experts and those new to the realm of books. 

Abdullah Mahmoud Edress, a senior Mechatronics Engineering student, is the visionary founder of the Book Club at Nile University.

Recognizing the need for a space dedicated to fostering intellectual discussions and expanding the horizons of NU students, Abdullah established the club as a hub for readers and film lovers alike. The Book Club serves as a platform for members to engage in meaningful conversations, exploring diverse perspectives through discussions on books and movies.

Additionally, the club aims to enhance students' access to literature by providing reviews and recommendations, guiding them towards discounted book options. Abdullah's passion for literature and film, combined with his desire to create a vibrant community, has paved the way for an enriching and inclusive experience within the Book Club at Nile University.

The Book Club has achieved numerous accomplishments since its inception. In addition to organizing engaging book discussions, the club has expanded its activities to encompass vibrant discussions on movies and series, providing members with a broader cultural experience. Furthermore, the club has implemented summarizing sessions, enabling participants to distill key insights and foster deeper understanding.

Going beyond traditional book club meetings, the club actively plans social activities such as museum visits, movie screenings of book adaptations, and book swaps, enriching the overall experience for members. The club values the input and suggestions of its members, consistently seeking to incorporate their ideas and preferences.

Moreover, the committee diligently keeps track of literary events throughout Egypt, ensuring that members have access to a wide range of literary happenings. Whether one's interest lies in reading, discussing literature, or both, the Book Club warmly welcomes all individuals, regardless of their expertise. It serves as a unique platform where book enthusiasts can connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and shared passion.

The club's distinctive focus on encouraging increased reading and providing recommendations for literary exploration sets it apart, guiding members towards a world of captivating and enriching reading experiences.

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