NIMUN (Nile University Model United Nations)


NIMUN (Nile University Model United Nations)

Nile International Model United Nations (NIMUN) is a simulation of the United Nations founded in September 2015 by members of the student body for participants from within and outside Nile University. NIMUN was founded to broaden the student activity body by establishing a recreational and educational program that would provide its members with the space to grow in various areas, whether it be organizational, substantive, or managerial. The NIMUN body consists of an academic branch and an administrative branch. Both departments will adhere to your interests and aid you in utilizing your talents and enhancing them.

We aim to expand our understanding of the world around us and perhaps change something about it one day.



  • NIMUN Opening Ceremony

Nile International Model United Nations – NIMUN held its opening ceremony on April 9th, in which it introduced its committee and delegates. Dr. Ayman Ismail, Program Director of the NU Business Administration Department, was their guest speaker.

  • NIMUN International Conference

If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to experience the best of your summer, then NIMUN’s International Conference is perfect. You will get a chance to interact with people from all over the world while having the time to gain valuable knowledge and skills. The conference took place from the 24th to the 27th of July 2021.

  • Refugee Funday by NIMUN

In light of the global refugee crisis, remember the refugees who have fled war, violence, conflict, or persecution and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country. NIMUN, along with the Bullet In-Service Organization, hosted a refugee Fun-day for Somali children on Saturday, June 12th. The main objective of this Fun Day was to create a difference in the dire situation refugees in Egypt face. Thanks to MUN for putting a smile on their faces!

  • New NUMUN Board

Nile International Model United Nations proudly announced its new board for the upcoming year Omar Khaled, the Secretary-General, Kenzy Hegazy, the Deputy Secretary-General, and Karim Seada, the new Conference Manager.

  • NIMUN Secretariats and Alumni Conference

NIMUN held its Secretariats and Alumni Conference on October 16th along with its founders Magdy ElBeih, Youssef Marei, alumni Youssef Elassar, and Shady Seif El-Nasr. They discussed the pressing issue of the “ South China Sea” along with the delegates and came out with effective negotiations and resolutions. Magdi ELBeih & Youssef Marie and the rest of the Alumni provided them with hands-on experience and guidance to enhance their overall delegate experience.

  • NIMUN Third Organizing Committee Conference

Nile International Model United Nations successfully finished its Third Organizing committee conference on November 13th. The OC conference is one of the most critical training events at NIMUN as it's the primary connection between academic and organizing committee members.