NIMUN (Nile University Model United Nations)


NIMUN (Nile University Model United Nations)

Nile International Model United Nations (NIMUN) is a simulation of the United Nations founded in September 2015 by members of the student body for participants from within and outside Nile University. NIMUN was founded to broaden the student activity body by establishing a recreational and educational program that would provide its members with the space to grow in various areas, whether it be organizational, substantive, or managerial. The NIMUN body consists of an academic branch and an administrative branch. Both departments will adhere to your interests and aid you in utilizing your talents and enhancing them.

They aim to expand their understanding of the world around us and perhaps change something about it one day.

NIMUN’s mission is to cultivate student awareness and enhance their understanding of the United Nations while maintaining a friendly and professional environment. NIMUN, a simulation of the United Nations hosted at Nile University, is divided into two distinct sides.

The Academic Committee side provides participants with a platform to explore politics, diplomacy, debating skills, international relations, and related subjects. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee side enables participants to collaborate in various committees throughout the year, ensuring seamless planning and execution of the main event.

The organization strives to create a transformative experience that fosters knowledge, skill development, and an appreciation for global affairs among students.

Magdy el Beih, along with cofounders Aly Bahaa and Youssef Marei, graduated in 2019 and are the sole founders of NIMUN (Nile International Model United Nations). Magdy, a graduate of Integrated Marketing Communication, initially conceived the idea of this organization after attending several conferences held by other universities. Recognizing the lack of student activities at their own university, Magdy was determined to create a Model United Nations club. Fortunately, there was mutual interest among other students, leading to the formation of NIMUN at NU.

Within a short span of one year, NIMUN experienced exponential growth, establishing itself as a close-knit family that continues to expand. The founders' dedication and shared vision have contributed to the club's success and its ongoing development. NIMUN has provided a platform for students to engage in diplomatic simulations, foster critical thinking, and enhance their understanding of global affairs. Through their united efforts, Magdy, Aly, and Youssef have created a vibrant and thriving community within NIMUN, where members can participate in constructive discussions, hone their leadership skills, and develop a deep appreciation for international relations.

The founder story of NIMUN exemplifies the power of passion, collaboration, and initiative. Magdy's initial idea, combined with the support and commitment of Aly, Youssef, and other like-minded students, has transformed NIMUN into a dynamic organization that continues to grow and impact the lives of its members. Their shared journey in building NIMUN serves as an inspiration for future generations of students seeking to create meaningful student-driven initiatives on their campuses.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, NIMUN achieved significant milestones and hosted a series of impactful events. In February, it organized a national conference that brought together participants from various institutions. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, NIMUN's dedication and perseverance led it to successfully host its 2nd International Conference in July. This remarkable feat showcased its ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. NIMUN's commitment to excellence was further recognized when it secured first place at the prestigious Youth Leaders Foundation (YLF) competition. Its exemplary performance demonstrated its leadership and communication skills. Additionally, NIMUN organized a life-changing event for young refugees in Egypt, earning it an impact award from the UNHCR. This event not only provided support and empowerment but also highlighted NIMUN's dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of marginalized communities.

In the following academic year, 2022-2023, NIMUN continued its trajectory of success. It hosted its 3rd International Conference, which attracted over 20 international participants from around the world. This inclusive platform fostered diverse perspectives and facilitated meaningful discussions. Moreover, during the conference, NIMUN achieved a significant milestone by creating the first-ever simulation of UNFCCC COP27, underscoring their innovative approach to Model United Nations simulations. In February 2023, NIMUN proudly hosted its 4th International Conference, which brought together international chairs, national secretariats, heads, members, and delegates. This gathering served as a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

NIMUN students and alumni actively participated in the World Youth Forum, engaging in the Model of the United Nations Human Rights Council (MUNHRC) in Sharm El Sheikh. They simulated a UNHRC special session discussing the impact of COVID-19 on human rights. The council received a visit from H.E. President Abdelfattah El-Sisi, who spoke about human rights protection in Egypt.

NIMUN partnered with Resala to combat poverty in Cairo, distributing clothes to over 80 families, providing blankets to approximately 30 families, and organizing celebrations for children in a village, including toy distribution and face painting. This effort aligns with the UN's goal of eradicating poverty. Having achieved success in implementing the "No Poverty" SDG with Resala, NIMUN is now focused on collecting donations for the 57357 Cancer Children Hospital, which faced potential closure due to a lack of funding in late 2022.

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