Music Club

Music Club

NU Music Club is an entertainment club where music & passion meet to provide our NU community with entertaining performances and concerts. The club is divided into 3 sections: the band section, the work section, and the academic sessions section.

In the band section, you can find our 35+ band members. They present most genres of music from Eastern to Western and to join the band, you'll need to apply and audition.

Meanwhile, the work section of NUMC is where all the behind-the-scenes work is done; from marketing to contacting agencies and external auditoriums, this is where NU students learn more about artist management, casting new talents and dealing with external companies.

Lastly, in the academic sessions section, NUMC provides free music academic sessions to NU students and staff. They have variable sessions such as vocalizing (learning how to sing), piano, guitar, tabla, and oud.