IEEE NU (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)


IEEE NU (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

IEEE is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity and empowering young engineers with entrepreneurship and business skills to be capable of delivering solutions to the problems facing their communities in feasible ways.



IEEE Club is partnering with the Egyptian Space Agency and is hosting Egypt Space Summit in September 2021. The primary purpose behind this summit is to raise youth’s awareness about the Space industry and Egyptian Space's possible future careers. Moreover, increase Youth knowledge about astronomy and its relation to STEAM fields. The event took place on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021.

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The IEEE Nile University Student branch is continuitsheir outstanding achievements as they won a prestigious award, and only 10 SBs counselors worldwide win every season. Moreover, IEEE NU is only Egypt's Darrel Chang Winner 2021. The purpose of this recognition system is to change the mindset of our student groups from being number-driven to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge suitable student activities around the world.

Proudly, IEEE NU - Student Branch won two global awards, as they were competing with all IEEE student branches around the whole world. IEEE NU got a silver medal for the Darrel Chong student activity award.