IEEE-NU (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)


IEEE-NU (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

IEEE is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity and empowering young engineers with entrepreneurship and business skills to be capable of delivering solutions to the problems facing their communities in feasible ways. IEEE-Nu is a student branch that has been established at Nile University as an official branch of the IEEE organization. 

IEEE-NU’s mission is to drive technological innovation and foster excellence, all for the betterment of humanity. It is committed to empowering young engineers with the essential skills of entrepreneurship and business, enabling them to develop practical solutions for the challenges confronting their communities. The IEEE-NU team strives to create a future where feasible and impactful solutions address the pressing issues of our society. 

In 2017, a group of ambitious students took the initiative to revolutionize the social life on campus. Among them was Nourhan Ismail Adly, who was pursuing a degree in industrial engineering. Yara Ali, served as the president, while Nourhan Ali took on the role of treasurer, and Omar Gaber became the secretary. Together, they formed a team, driven by a shared vision of creating a vibrant community within the university.

At that time, the university lacked any extracurricular clubs or activities apart from the Student Union. The students yearned for a way to enrich their college experience beyond the boundaries of academia. Fueled by their passion and determination, they decided to establish the IEEE student branch at Nile University.u

To their surprise, they discovered that the necessary licenses and required documents for establishing the IEEE student branch had already been obtained by previous students. However, the club had remained inactive, waiting for a group of motivated individuals to breathe life into it. This realization only further fueled their enthusiasm, as they saw the potential to transform the IEEE student branch into a thriving hub of innovation and personal development. The team gathered themselves and formed the high board, each member bringing their unique skills and strengths to the table. With a shared sense of purpose, they embarked on an intense brainstorming session to devise strategies that would attract students and create a sustainable club that could endure even after they graduated.

By providing a platform for students to engage with industry experts, the IEEE-NU student branch aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. Moreover, the club emphasized the importance of soft skills by incorporating sessions on effective communication, leadership, and time management. As the years went by, the IEEE student branch at Nile University flourished, becoming a vibrant hub of innovation and personal growth. Its reputation extended beyond the university, attracting attention from other institutions and organizations. The high board's diligent efforts had laid the foundation for a sustainable club that would continue to thrive even after their graduation.

  1. On International Women's Day, IEEE-NU made an announcement regarding the launch of a new affinity group called WIE (Women in Engineering). This group aims to provide support and promotion for women in the field of engineering while inspiring young girls to pursue STEM careers. The establishment of WIE reflects IEEE-NU's commitment to fostering gender diversity and empowering women in the engineering domain. Furthermore, the IEEE Nile University branch continues to achieve remarkable milestones.
  2. Their students received an esteemed award, which is only bestowed upon 10 Student Branches counselors worldwide each season. Additionally, IEEE-NU proudly holds the distinction of being Egypt's exclusive Darrel Chang Winner for 2021. This recognition system aims to transform the mindset of student groups from a focus on numbers to a value-driven approach while acknowledging outstanding student activities on a global scale. l
  3. IEEE-NU demonstrated its exceptional capabilities by surpassing over 65 student branches across Egypt, as well as numerous counterparts from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Through the dedicated efforts of its technical team, IEEE-NU secured a remarkable second-place position, showcasing its excellence through its outstanding website. This accomplishment highlights IEEE-NU's commitment to delivering high-quality digital platforms that effectively serve the community and contribute to its overall success.
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