Graduate Starter Pack (GSP)

GSP was launched to assist undergraduate students in answering the most critical question they will face after graduating; "what now?".

GSP is dedicated to ensuring students are well-informed about the labor market and its specific requirements. It aids in building robust resumes, identifying valuable internships that align with students' goals, and helping them stand out in the competitive landscape. Additionally, it offers support to overcome challenging circumstances, fostering self-confidence and personal development. Its objective is to empower students to address their weaknesses, believe in their abilities, and enhance their overall skill set. 

Seif El-Harouney, a graduate of Nile University's School of Business Administration with a major in Supply Chain Management from the Class of 2021, was the founder of GSP. Recognizing a significant gap in thek job market, he took it upon himself to establish the Graduate Starter Pack (GSP) club, the first of its kind at Nile University.

The primary aim of the club was to prepare students for the challenges of the labor market and work-life, focusing on addressing the existing mismatch between hiring processes and the readiness of fresh graduates. Seif's dedication to his field extended beyond his role as the founder of GSP. He was an active member of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), a prestigious global organization recognized for its leadership in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Furthermore, he pursued professional development by obtaining the CPIM (Certified in Planning and Inventory Management) certification, solidifying his expertise and commitment to excellence.

1. Simulatopedia Event

Simulatopidia was an immersive work-life experience tailored for undergraduate students. The mission was to equip them with comprehensive career advising, market awareness, and practical knowledge crucial for their post-graduation journey. The event aimed to bridge the gap between academic content and the labor market through a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and internships.

By collaborating with prominent companies such as Ghabbour Auto, Brandify, NilePreneurs, and The Freak, Simulatopidia provided Nile University students with an invaluable insider's perspective on the day-to-day operations of these organizations. This immersive approach allowed students to actively participate in the labor market and gain hands-on experience even before completing their undergraduate studies. As a testament to the event's success, exceptional students were awarded internship opportunities through our esteemed partnerships. Simulatopidia aimed to empower students by offering practical insights, fostering meaningful connections with industry professionals, and nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit. Through this innovative initiative, students were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their future careers.


2. Ask GSP Event

"ASK GSP" was a purposeful event designed to provide Nile University students with invaluable insights into the various majors offered by their faculty. Its mission was to assist undergraduate students in selecting a major that aligns with their future aspirations, equipping them with the necessary information to make informed decisions as they enter the professional realm.

The event aimed to offer comprehensive career guidance, market knowledge, and mentorship to students’ post-graduation. To accomplish this, ASK GSP featured distinguished experts who delivered enlightening speeches on students' academic majors.

Notable speakers included Akram Marwan, who shared insights on career coaching, Mohamed Charata, who discussed the future of supply chain and logistics, Shady al Jacky, who presented the fundamentals of data analysis, and Noha Masry, who provided valuable tips on CV writing and interview techniques.

The primary objective of this event was to empower Nile University students to make well-informed choices regarding their majors while ensuring they possess a thorough understanding of the labor market's demands and expectations.

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