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Google Development Student Club (GDSC) is a student activity supervised and powered by Google. It aims to help students to gain essential knowledge about new technologies using Google products, their educational materials, and events and talks.

Its mission is to facilitate comprehensive learning experiences for students, equipping them with essential knowledge about cutting-edge technologies through a curated selection of Google products, educational resources, thought-provoking events, and insightful speeches. In addition, it strives to foster the development of vital soft skills, empowering students to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. 

The founder of GDSC, a Mechatronics Engineering graduate in the fall of 2023, established the club at Nile University to bridge the gap between theoretical studies and practical industry work. GDSCs, powered by Google, provide developers with easy-to-use Google tools.l

After gaining approval in February 2020, the founder and their team achieved significant milestones, winning first place in the MENA region in the Google Solution Challenge 2020 and ranking among the top 10 teams worldwide in 2021.

They were also recognized as the best chapter in 2022 and continue to make progress. Their success story inspires aspiring developers, highlighting the power of innovation and determination to create an impact in the technology industry.

The club hosts events regularly with outstanding speakers from various companies and technical backgrounds; they host hackathons where students can compete against one another. In addition, the club typically holds four academies per season. The goal of academies is to assist students in delving deeply into new technologies, from the foundations through the intermediate and advanced levels. For example, they provide academies for web development, machine learning, software engineering, and mobile app tracks. The club has hosted many significant events and four academy courses for the past season. Examples of the hosted events are TechDay, Solution Challenge, and Google i/o, with 1,623 attendees.l

1. TechDay Event:

The first event of the previous season was TechDay Cairo. It has several expert speakers and a total of 556 attendees. TechDay (Window to the tech industry) includes four speeches and two workshops by professionals in various technology fields. The event attempted to bridge the gap between knowledge and the market. Our aim as GDSC is to share knowledge and educate as many as possible. One of the best sources of knowledge in any profession comes from specialists in that industry, which is why we created "TechDay." Finally, the event's unique part was the panel discussion, which was a conversation between three different technical tracks represented by three specialists. The panel discussion inspires many confused students to choose their technical path. 


2. Solution Challenge Egypt Hackathon

This event was awarded the most solution challenge-related event in the world. It attracted participants from all Egyptian universities and was held for three days with 767 attendees from all over Egypt. It mainly consisted of 2 days of sessions (Business and Technical), 2 Sessions each day, and the rest of the day was for mentoring the 25 teams from all over Egypt.


3. Google IO

In collaboration with GDG October, this event featured local developers highlighting their preferred I/O announcements and new technologies. I/O is a one-of-a-kind event for everyone who goes, from announcements and technology deep dives to bringing the developer community together. Topics discussed: Firebase - Flutter - Web - Security - CI/CD. Second, our hosted courses are: - Full Stack Web Development - Machine Learning - Mobile Application - Software Engineering. This chapter hosted the most solution challenge-related events all over the world. 

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