GDSC is a student activity supervised and powered by google. It aims to help students to gain essential knowledge about new technologies using google products, their educational materials, and through events and talks.


  • TechDay Event

Google Developer Student Club hosted a great " TechDay " event on November 26th. The great thing about attending TechDay Cairo is that you’ll get to expand your knowledge and skills. Regardless of your expertise, you will get to learn from experts and peers from your field through workshops, training, and opportunities. You can discover new solutions and do networking.

  • GDSC Info Session

The club introduced GDSC and its vision, the benefits of having a GDSC student branch in the university, its aim during the season, and how this will impact career improvement. They introduced more about the GDSC Nile University Board and the background of each one of them. Also, it included more about Google competitions during the year, specifically Solution Challenge.

  • Web Development Sessions

GDSC taught in this course about what is websites technically and how their products work. The students who participated were able to learn how they could choose the right tool to build their website. They will be able to learn how to make a website step by step using Python -Django framework - within six technical sessions.

  •  Machine Learning Sessions

This class taught the students the end-to-end process of investigating data through a machine-learning lens. Students are taught how to extract and identify useful features that best represent their data, a few of the essential machine learning algorithms, and evaluate the performance of their machine learning algorithms.